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  • How to Write a Business Plan in Just 30-Minutes
  • How to Pick a Niche & Attract Clients with Ease
  • How to Build a Website that Generates Leads While You Sleep
  • How to Promote Yourself Without Feeling Sleazy
  • How to Create a Bid That Lands You High-Value Clients
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“The single most powerful thing you can do as a freelancer is to refine your niche & target market, so you can stop competing with everyone else in your field.”
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Get highly-targeted, step-by-step advice for landing your first high-value client contract.
Table of Contents
  •  Introduction – The Secret of Six-Figure Freelancers
  • How to think like a business owner and prosper.

  •  Chapter One – The 30 Minute Business Plan
  • Create a vision, plan and goals for your business.

  •  Chapter Two – How to Think Like a Client to Get Clients
  • Refine your niche & target market so you’ll attract clients with ease.

  •  Chapter Three – Build Your Business Brand
  • Create a style guide and consistent, high-quality brand.

  •  Chapter Four – Create a Portfolio that Sells (in 1-Day)
  • Create a single-page website or sales PDF that sells while you sleep.

  •  Chapter Five – Social Media Mastery (or just the Basics)
  • Identify where your potential clients are and start to bond with them.

  •  Chapter Six – Self-Promotion & Getting Leads
  • Learn how to talk about yourself without feeling insecure or sleazy.

  •  Chapter Seven – Sales, Bidding & Converting Leads into Clients
  • Refine your pitch, have conversations & create a bid thats da Bomb.

  •  Chapter Eight – Operations: Doing the Work & Gettin’ Paid
  • What happens after the bid: streamline your business to unlock time.

  •  Chapter Nine – Pot of Gold: Referrals, Testimonials and Follow Up
  • Create a system for getting referrals, testimonials and following up.

  •  Chapter Ten – Constant and Never-Ending Improvement
  • Adopting a testing mindset for continual growth and business mastery.

  • Bonus Content:
  •  Intro to Email Marketing & Passive Income
  • Learn how to start earning with your mind instead of your time.

  •  Cover your Assets: Financing & Legal Basics
  • Best practices on business organization, finances, taxes and more.

  •  Top Tips & Tricks for the Location Indie Biz Owner
  • Learn how to run your business online, anywhere.
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