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Expert #1
Brand Groce - Self Taught Designer
Brandon has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Dannon, and LG on projects ranging from Social Media Campaigns to Web Design. He is also the founder of GroceMedia, a Social Media Agency focused on Fitness & Lifestyle brands.

Upcoming Experts
  •  Nathanial Clanton - Over a dozen years as an entrepreneur in the design industry has made Nathanael a passionate translator of clients’ vision through brand consulting, design and strategy. His clients include Nike, Xbox, Brand Jordan, Apple, Microsoft, GAP, Ken Griffey Jr., Asics, NFL and NBA athletes.
  •  Jessamine Marie - Jessamine is a freelance Copywriter based in Norfolk, England who left a 17-year corporate finance job to follow her passion as a writer. 
  •  Brian Kappel - A Nike veteran with more than 15 years agency experience as a Creative Director and Design Lead. From retail design to customization and event ideation, Brian has brought his passion for design and his drive for unique experiences to each project he works on.
  •  John Schrieber - Former VP of Creative at IDL Worldwide, John retired early and now teaches the art of meditation and minimalism for enhanced well-being and creativity.
  •  Zafira Rajan - Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Zafira is a digital communications specialist focusing on helping entrepreneurs define their digital voice, elevate their content and challenge their creative boundaries. 
  • And Many More...
About Six Figure Freelancers
Ready to Ditch Your Day Job & Become a Highly-Paid, Location-Independent, Creative Freelancer?
Six Figure Freelancers is a growing community of creative corporate quitters who refuse to settle for the 9-5.
Hi, I'm Kate, and I'm a quitter.
In 2015, I quit my last day job and built a $120K consulting business working part-time from my living room in Savannah.

In January 2017, I left the USA to travel full-time as a digital nomad with Remote Year - and I haven’t stopped moving since.

I never really fit into cubicle life, but I struggled for years to get my freelance business off the ground.
After spending 10 years, and a lot of sleepless nights,  I finally flipped the script and figured out the Six-Figure Freelance Formula.

Now I support other driven professionals in growing their location-independent freelance businesses.

If you're a creative person who's DONE spending your days trapped in a cubicle farm & are ready to create the life of your dreams, where you work when you want, where you want, with who you want - I created Six Figure Freelancers for you.

I'll guide you through the exact steps I took to build my 6-figure freelance business & the mindset work I've guided dozens of private coaching clients through to create confidence.

You'll also get access to my more-than-a-decade of business experience and $100,000's in education.

In addition to starting several businesses of my own, I've worked with more than 50 startups as a designer, marketer, product manager, strategist, analyst and advisor, served as a mentor at multiple accelerators and educational programs and led projects for a dozen Fortune 500 companies including Nike, Ricoh, HP, Apple, BP and Microsoft. 
I hold a BFA in Graphic Design and an MBA in Marketing.

I look forward to helping you grow YOUR own business.
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